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It is time for new ventures. Companies that question the tried and tested without condemning - risking the new without being overconfident. 

The world is on the move. Mobility shapes our lives.

People, goods and data are overcoming great distances in ever shorter times. Modern logistics IT provides the crucial connections for this.

As a dynamic force, logistics meets the requirements of a future-oriented society with the help of technical innovations and efficient software and hardware solutions and drives its own sustainable development. Highly complex value creation networks demand particularly robust and intelligent solution strategies.

At ecovium, we meet this challenge and combine economic, ecological and social goals to develop new strategies and products together with our business partners and customers.

We already express this attitude with our company name:

The ecovium group of companies combines economic interests and ecological aspirations on a common path toward sustainable logistics solutions with added value for industry and society.

Because the questions that move our industry are urgent: What do resource-conserving, socially responsible transport solutions look like that can ensure the people’s supplies? What logistics infrastructures are needed for this in the warehousing, customs and shipping sectors? What can we do to ensure robust value chains even under changing climate and environmental conditions?

More than 300 people at ecovium are working on the answers with expertise and passion, daring to break new ground. Many years of industry experience paired with the agile structure of a startup as well as the diversity of the team members with their different perspectives form the basis of the daily work and shape the culture of the company.

We are aware of our responsibility. Together with our customers and business partners, we design solutions for more sustainable logistics - and beyond.

As a merger of twelve companies, ecovium takes on the challenges of this changing world.

Our path
Cohesion, diversity and
operational expertise

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About us

Intelligent software and hardware solutions as trailblazers

We think and act in a networked way, with a common focus: our customers. With innovative software and hardware solutions across the entire supply chain, you benefit from new ways of doing things in customs, warehousing, shipping and transport. Sustainable logistics processes have the potential to revolutionize the world of commerce. Intelligently deployed technologies make a significant contribution to this: through optimized loads and more efficient processes, reduced emissions and a more transparent network.

The future opportunities for smart logistics solutions are enormous. The standards we set for our own products are correspondingly high. The solutions make economic sense and can be used over the long term, do not place an unnecessary burden on the environment, and do not disadvantage anyone within the value chain. 

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