Warehouse Management and optimal inventory

Our warehouse management and inventory management solutions automate your processes - for more efficiency in your warehousing. 

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Lean inventories, full transparency: With our warehouse management software, you manage your warehouse, control the internal flow of goods have an overview of your inventories at all times. As a result, you keep as many goods as necessary and as few as possible in stock. 

Your challenge

Warehousing is complex and costly. This is especially true where processes have grown over many years and are not fully digitized. For efficient warehouses, sub-processes such as scheduling, shipment notification and transfer order creation should be automated as far as possible, routes optimized and errors minimized. Maximum inventory transparency is essential: if there is no overview, this can easily result in out-of-stock or excessive inventories that tie up resources and occupy storage space.

Our expertise

With our powerful, scalable warehouse management solution, you get the most out of your warehouse: intelligently automated workflows save you time, resources and costs. All systems and services are perfectly coordinated. This allows you to fully exploit your optimization potential. The modules are as standardized as possible and as flexible as necessary, as well as adapting precisely to your company's structures and systems. Our warehouse experts have many years of cross-industry intralogistics experience and will be happy to advise you on your individual challenges.

Warehouse management software

Our warehouse management software is suitable for logistics and 3PL service providers looking for a lean solution, as well as for logistics service providers, manufacturing companies, and retail and e-commerce that require extensive functionality. For optimal interaction in the warehouse, the solution enables the automation of all warehouse management processes by networking with upstream and downstream suppliers and consumers. At the same time, the software creates full transparency of inventories and offers maximum flexibility in the interfaces. Thus, an extension is possible at any time without major programming effort.

Your benefits

  • Standardized interfaces to suppliers and ERP/subsystems
  • More security and fewer errors
  • Order and inventory optimization through more oversight
  • Higher liquidity through optimized inventories
  • All relevant information in one solution
  • Digitalization of your paper processes
  • Multi-client capability

Inventory management

When and how many items you order should not depend on the gut feeling of your employees. With our solution, you always have the full overview. Extensive analysis and forecasting functions let you keep your inventories as low as possible - without having to sacrifice business.

Your benefits

  • Optimized inventories
  • Reduced inventory costs
  • Highly flexible, greatly simplified scheduling
  • No expensive express orders
  • Increased delivery flexibility and robust processes
  • Additional approaches for comprehensive supply chain optimization

Add-ons for warehouse management

With our add-ons, you seamlessly integrate automated storage systems and suitable pick-by technologies into your warehouse management software. Central control accelerates warehouse movements and creates more efficiency and flexibility.

Connection of automatic storage systems

The uniform control of warehouse lifts and towers, conveyor technology and small parts warehouses reduces your throughput times. Furthermore, your delivery capability is improved, you reduce the error rate and thus save storage space, process costs and working time.

Custom-fit picking methods

With the right pick-by-technology and consistently digitized picking, you can prevent incorrect deliveries, increase warehouse efficiency and boost the productivity of your employees. In this way, you contribute to the optimization of your warehouse processes.

Benefit from seamless data exchange with other products from our end-to-end solutions

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