Cross-industrial digitization of your supply chain

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Whether transport and logistics, retail and e-commerce or manufacturing: The logistics requirements of the various sectors of our economy are as diverse as they are. We know your industry and, with in-depth expertise and technical understanding, develop integrated software and hardware solutions for the optimal management of your industry-specific supply chain.

Your challenge

There is no universal master plan for designing and controlling the flow of materials, goods and information. Specific logistics requirements in your industry for customs, warehousing, shipping and transport present companies with major challenges. To ensure that the entire process chain runs smoothly, you need optimally coordinated software and hardware solutions. With digital end-to-end support that is appropriately aligned to your industry, you can achieve the speed and flexibility of your supply chain that you need in a competitive environment.

Our expertise

We have the right logistics solutions for your industry-specific requirements in transport and logistics, retail and e-commerce, manufacturing, and healthcare. Benefit from bundled logistics expertise and many years of project experience: With our digital end-to-end portfolio for customs, warehousing, shipping, and transportation, supplemented by the corresponding hardware solutions, logistics becomes a key factor for service and customer satisfaction in your company.

Transport and Logistics

The transport and logistics industry thrives on speed and transparent organization. Optimize your planning and scheduling decisions in real time: Our software solutions enable the digitalization of the entire process chain, with suitable modules and complete documentation for every transport and handling process.

From the provision of goods and vehicle loading to delivery and returns handling, you are supported by an intelligent and secure IT system. Digitalized process optimization saves you time, costs and valuable resources.

Retail and e-commerce

Price, quality, availability and sustainability: consumer behavior is changing rapidly, manufacturers are constantly opening up new sales markets and expanding their range. Respond to the diverse requirements in the area of retail logistics with end-to-end digitalised flows of goods.

Our solutions support trade and e-commerce with intelligent merchandise management systems and enable transparent tracking of products along the entire logistics chain, all the way to the shelf or to the end customer. International trade relations are also securely covered at all times through the integration of our customs software modules.


The increasing complexity in manufacturing with its trend towards batch sizes of 1 poses great challenges for companies. With end-to-end networking and digitalization of your production processes, you can design the workflows to be flexible and yet plannable.

Our logistics solutions for manufacturing ensure efficiency and traceability of processes in the manufacturing industry - from planning to final assembly. Incorrectly stored materials and components or inadequate quality controls during manufacturing can thus be prevented. While traceability of all goods movements is guaranteed at all times.

Benefit from seamless data exchange with other products from our end-to-end solutions

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