Transport management software (TMS) in the cloud optimises mobile logistics


Carriers and shippers are faced with complex transport management tasks. Our web-based transport management software assists you in optimising your processes, without any major hardware investments or extensive user training. From full loadings, partial loadings, and transport management and logistics, to the industry being supplied – our web-based system ensures more efficiency in any area.

Your challenge

The growing influx of goods requires clever process management and maximum efficiency with resource use. You can achieve both by digitising your processes. Global trends like the increasing complexity in city logistics and the growing demand for sustainability make it more difficult to process full loadings, partial loadings, general freight, and extensive warehouse management. These circumstances in turn make it harder to maintain an overview of all business processes and costs.

Our solution

With our web-based delivery and transport management solution TransRoad, your processes are largely automated. You can work faster, more efficiently, and with more time for your customers. The cloud software gives you unlimited, real-time access to all relevant information. Your data are securely stored on a domestic server, without any time-consuming updates or maintenance work. You simply need a browser and an Internet connection to use the TMS and all its functions.

From order processing to disposition to route optimisation and status tracking, the solution covers everything. Operation is self-explanatory with the intuitive interface and menu design. You can quickly create comprehensible vehicle dispatch plans and automate the management of vehicle deadlines or loading means.

Integrated safety concept

Community cloud, private cloud, or local version? Whichever server solution you prefer, you always get the utmost security. Continuous support and our comprehensive update and data protection plan always ensure smooth, secure operation.

Share the system resources on a domestic server with other companies and keep your overall costs in the community cloud low – while always being technologically up to date. If a running the system in the community cloud is no option for you, use the private cloud: a company-specific cloud solution hosted by us or at a datacentre of your choice. If you have your own IT resources, you can operate the software on your local company server without any restrictions.


Paper & packaging

Our transport management system offers you customised solutions for transporting packaging materials, raw paper, and pulps of any kind.


Construction companies

Optimise the routes between suppliers and building sites, and shorten your time on site. With our solution you deliver building materials and machinery on time.


Healthcare providers

Flexibly manage time-critical business processes on the go. Our solution helps you do this.


Hazardous goods transportation

Based on the hazardous goods master, you impose individual additional instructions and references to other additive requirements for handling hazardous goods.

Refrigerated transportation

Maintain an overview of your goods, adhere to delivery agreements, and ensure that your goods are always properly refrigerated.


Retail & wholesale

Use our transport management system to steer the entire flow of goods from the supplier to the end consumer, flexibly and from one central location.


Your benefits

  • Scalable from a single user to hundreds of users
  • Extensive update and data protection plan
  • Flexible adjustment with efficient workflow engine
  • Individually configurable and modern graphic surface
  • Easy-to-learn use without need for prior knowledge
  • Comprehensive complete package for couriers and forwarders

Overview of functional highlights

Master data

Get an overview of addresses, contact information, and comprehensive vehicle master data including dispatch available, and the current fees and conditions, instantly. You also receive an overview of available loading means and can plan your personnel management with the integrated HR administration tool.


Transport management

Automatically process standard shipping orders for as many loading and unloading sites or transport segments. With flexible workflows, you quickly and predictively manage all processes, including for hazardous goods. Smooth processing of order-based projects and large orders is also guaranteed.



Receive all the important figures on your dashboard quickly and comprehensibly. The software allows individual evaluations in tabular and pivot format, but also offers extensive standard evaluations of the transported quantity, turnover, order quote, deadline adherence, damage quote, and other important factors.


Order management

Use individually configurable input screens and project plans for automated filing of orders and flexible data assessment regulations.



Extensive calculation and conditioning settings make it easier for you to process customer invoices, and facilitate automated billing.


Automatic workflows

Automatically set order confirmations and order tracking links via e-mail. A set of regulations on data retrieval and assessment give you legal security.



Digitally optimise your transport processes in the cloud

Improve your transport processes digitally in the cloud and gain time for your customers. Our web-based delivery and transport management solution automates your transport processes. This makes your work more efficient. See for yourself and book a free demo appointment!


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Our TMS has interfaces to all common telematics and document management systems. You can automatically integrate transport order data from your ERP system via API or Data Transmission. With smart API technology, you can exchange transport orders, such as with the TIMOCOM cargo market. EDI integration lets you avoid errors in data logging. You can integrate external finance accounting systems via interfaces to Datev, Sage Software, or Diamant Software.

Benefit from seamless data exchange with further products among our end-to-end solutions

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