Cross-border, smooth customs clearance

With our solutions, you can optimize your processes relating to customs and foreign trade, compliance and risk management, as well as preferential rules of origin.

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Our software solutions for foreign trade, compliance and preferential rules of origin facilitate your import and export business and simplify your customs processing - all in a legally compliant and transparent manner. With our  SAP add-ons, you also rely on efficiency and simple process flows.

Your challenge

Import and export transactions are demanding: The requirements in the area of customs and foreign trade are increasing with globalization and the accompanying internationalization of customs processing. More and more documents have to be maintained and made available, preferential origin of goods identified on the basis of complex sets of rules, and strict compliance requirements taken into account. This is exactly where our solutions come in.

Our expertise

Whether customs clearance and foreign trade, compliance and risk management, or preferential rules of origin: our solutions are precisely tailored to your needs. Our modular Customs Suite simplifies your global trade processes - locally at your site and in the cloud.

Customs clearance and foreign trade

With globalization and increasingly internationalized customs processing, the requirements for companies with export business are rising. Digitalization also requires new processes, as flows of goods are increasingly being declared and monitored electronically, and evidence is compulsorily kept digitally.

  • ATLAS Export
  • ATLAS Import
  • Bonded Warehouse
  • Inward Processing
  • Outward Processing
  • Excise Movement and Control System (EMCS)
  • Confirmation of Arrival
  • Intrastat

ATLAS Export

From the electronic export declaration to document management: With our certified solution for the ATLAS Export customs procedure, you simplify all administrative processes related to your export. You'll be better able to comply with complex regulations and avoid error-related delays.

ATLAS Import

Our solution for the electronic customs procedure ATLAS Import supports you in all import procedures. Through a direct connection to the central customs tariff system, the solution provides you with a daily updated overview of exchange rates and pending duty payments.

Confirmation of arrival

Strict documentation and verification requirements apply to the cross-border shipment of goods to the EU. With our solution, you automate confirmations of arrival and avoid subsequent tax demands. At the same time, your processes are freed from manual intervention.

Compliance and risk management

Rapid economic growth and ever-increasing compliance requirements pose challenges for those responsible. Our smart solutions give you the security to act correctly and legally in global trade.

  • Sanctions List Check
  • Export control
  • Product classification
  • Tariff classification and classification in the customs tariff
  • ECT Electronic Customs Tariff

Sanctions List Check

Our sanctions list check solution helps you comply with EU anti-terrorism regulations with minimal effort. The solution integrates seamlessly into your business processes and checks your business contacts at regular time intervals. This way, you reliably block any sanctioned person or association.

Export control

With our export control solution, you comply with the provisions of foreign trade law in a cost-saving manner. You receive the necessary approvals for sensitive goods in good time. This ensures improved compliance and fewer delays in the export business.

Preferential Rules of Origin

Complying with the preferential origin of goods regulations is usually complex and time-consuming. In global trade and with cross-border division of labour, goods can rarely be clearly identified as originating goods. In most cases, you have to invest a lot of manual effort and research in complex rules and regulations to determine and prove the origin of a product. 

  • Preference calculation
  • Supplier declarations
  • Long-term supplier declarations
  • Portal for Preferential Rules of Origin
  • Trade agreements
  • Cumulation zones

Preference calculation

With our solution for preference calculation, you can quickly and precisely determine the preferential origin of goods according to the Union Customs Code. Benefit from preferential customs treatment in procurement and improve your competitive position as a supplier through your own preference declarations.

SAP Add-ons

With our SAP add-ons, you benefit from seamless integration of customs processing directly into your SAP system. This accelerates and simplifies your processes around customs and foreign trade, compliance and preferences.

Customs clearance and communication

With our SAP add-on, your customs processes are seamlessly integrated into the ERP system. This enables you to comply with the relevant regulations in foreign trade law in a cost-saving manner.

Europe-wide tariff maintenance

You can easily research customs tariff data for German EZT data and Austrian TARIC3 data within your SAP system. You can conveniently store the customs tariff numbers in the material master.

Security and compliance

The integrated sanctions list check provides you with immediate information on whether certain supply or trade bans exist against your business contacts.

Preferential Rules of Origin

Based on the data available in the ERP, you determine the preferential rules of origin. You create and manage supplier declarations directly in the SAP system.

Benefit from seamless data exchange with other products from our end-to-end solutions

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