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At ecovium, experts from all areas of logistics IT work together on intelligent solutions for the entire value chain. Networked thinking and agile workflows enable the development of optimal business processes in customs, warehousing, shipping and transport, as well as a range of hardware tailored to these processes.

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CUSTOMS - Smooth customs clearance across borders

With our solutions, you optimize your processes around customs and foreign trade, compliance and risk management including preferential rules of origin.

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Discover our solutions:
  • ATLAS Export
  • ATLAS Import
  • Confirmation of arrival
  • Sanctions list check
  • Export control
  • Preferential Origin (EU)
  • SAP® Add-ons

WAREHOUSE - Intelligent warehouse and inventory management

Our warehouse management and inventory management solutions automate your processes for more efficiency in your warehousing. 

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Discover our solutions:
  • Warehouse Management Software
  • Inventory Management
  • Add-ons Warehouse Management

SHIPPING - Effortless shipping logistics with convenient tracking

Our solutions simplify your shipping logistics, enable convenient track & trace and simplify your returns management.

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Discover our solutions:
  • Multi-carrier shipping software
  • Shipment tracking & returns management
  • E-commerce logistics solution

TRANSPORT - Efficient control of vehicles and transports

Optimize the management of your fleet and transported goods with our transport management solutions.

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Discover our solutions:
  • Transport Management System On-Premises
  • Transport Management System in the Cloud
  • Add-ons Transport Management System

HARDWARE - The right hardware, infrastructure and services

With our hardware and infrastructure solutions as well as our service concepts, we make your business processes more efficient.

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Discover our solutions:
  • Equipment
  • Infrastructure
  • Services

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It is time for new ventures. For companies to have the success of both their own business in mind as well as society. Companies that question the tried and tested without judging - and risk something new without being overconfident. The ecovium group of companies combines economic interests and ecological aspirations on a common path toward sustainable logistics solutions with added value for industry and society.

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